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Las Vegas Asphalt

We use asphalt every day to get where we need to go. The roads, highways and byways of America that allow you to get to work and bring your kids to school are all made of asphalt. It is not a stretch to say that in a sense, the economy is built on asphalt.

Being such an important part of our daily lives it is important that when asphalt work needs to be done, it is done right. That is something that we here at Andersen Asphalt & Striping Llc. take very seriously. We know that the home and business owners of Las Vegas have more than one option when it comes to choosing an asphalt company.  With more than 45 years of combined experience, our technicians are expertly trained to get the work done perfectly and on time.

Asphalt Contractor Services

We invite the people of Las Vegas to contact us for a variety of asphalt needs.

Paving:  This is the main service of our company. We will pave a smooth road or parking lot to your specifications. Our heavy duty equipment is well maintained so that it is always ready to get to work, allowing the project to move forward without delay. We thoroughly plan out how the operation should go so that no time or money is wasted, so that our clients get what they need at a price that stays within budget.

Sealcoat: Oxidation, UV rays and general wear and tear are the reasons that asphalt breaks down. Of course, this will happen to every road or piece of asphalt eventually but there are ways to make the material last much longer.  Andersen Asphalt uses a liquid sealant which coats every part of the asphalt forming a protective layer that ensures longevity.  The sealant is quick to apply and has a great return on investment as it is significantly less expensive than asphalt repairs.

Crack Sealing and Patching: A complete repaving is often not necessary when it comes to a damaged road. More often than not all that is required is crack sealing and patching. Cracks occur for several reasons.  Temperature changes, poor drainage, settlement of underlying material are only some of the reasons. Potholes happen for similar reasons with the addition of heavy traffic.  We can shore up your roads so that they keep their integrity and allow for a safe smooth ride.

Asphalt Striping:  For roads and parking lots to function properly, drivers and pedestrians need to know where they can go. We have the equipment to quickly stripe roads so that the area continues to be safe. Our staff can even map out the best striping plan for your parking lot so that you can hold as many cars as possible.

Let us know what you need

If you are in Las Vegas and need the help of a professional team of asphalt specialists then you have come to the right website. Give us a call and we will be glad to provide you with a consultation and an estimate.